Aug 29, 2008

Are you serious John McCain? Do you really think this is the way to get the Hillary supporters? The fact that he think the only reason women will support a woman is because she is a female is so condescending. I will have you know, Sen. McCain, there is no one harder on women than other women. Women judge each other like it's nobody's business. I am really shocked by your pick. There were other women in the Republican party you could have gone with such as Condoleeza Rice (this would have been a masterful chess move), Kay Bailey Hutchison or Christie Todd Whitman. These would have been women that I could have seen some of Hillary supporters going for, but you have to be kidding me if you think these women are so stupid that they would support you just because you chose a former beauty queen. I am insulted for them. Sarah Palin is no Hillary Clinton and the fact your campaign would try to compare the two is beyond mind-boggling.

You attacked Barack Obama on his lack of experience and the fact that he wasn't ready to be Commander-in-chief, but yet you go and chose someone who has less than two years of experience as an executive of a state. Are you serious? So you are saying to America that this woman is more qualified than Barack Obama to run this country. Unbelievable!!!

Oh, and to all the pundits that said Joe Biden would have to handle her with kid gloves in the VP debate please get over yourselves. Hillary Clinton has set the bar when it comes to debates. She won every debate she was in and no one treated her with kid gloves. Trust me, if Sarah Palin wants to stump around the big league she better be able to hold her own. Politics is a tough game especially on the national level so she better be ready. She does not need to be treated like a poor helpless woman because that is not what we want from our female leaders. So I say Joe Biden gives her all he got.

Just because she has your anatomy does not mean she has your viewpoint. I hope the Hillary supporters keep that in mind.


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