Sep 24, 2008

"Every American has a stake in solving this crisis ..."

"The clock is ticking but we have to get it right."

First, we need a bipartisan board overseeing accountability.

Second, Americans should be treated like investors.

Third, we will not bail out Wall Street without helping homeowners.

Finally, not one dime to reward the same Wall Street CEO's who got us in this mess. No welfare for Wall Street execs.

There are times for politics, and then there are times to rise above it.

This is no longer a Democratic or Republican problem. It is an American problem, requiring an American solution.

Question: Is McCain playing politics cancelling the debate?

Answer: This is exactly the time the American people need to hear from the people who will be dealing with this mess. ... It's more important than ever.

Lots of talk of bipartisanship ... no bankruptcy reform in this package, and Republicans should hold off on their issues in this package.

Question: You staying in Florida or going back to DC?

Answer: If I can be helpful, I'll go back. Talking to Paulson, Pelosi, Reid. As presidents, we'll need to deal with more than one thing at a time.

Question: Should both you and McCain be present for vote for the package?

Answer: (Basically) yes, it's important for the message.

Question: McCain has suspended his campaign ads ... will you?

Answer: My general view is that the American people need to know what we'll do to move the economy forward ... I plan to debate.

There are going to be a whole host of structural issues that will have to be dealt with by the next administration .... jobs, college tuition, ... Let's solve the immediate problem and then make sure we continue to present long-term solutions.

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