Sep 22, 2008

- Poll: Deep-Seated Racism Among White Democrats Could Cost Obama Close-Call Election

- Obama calls bailout a 'blank check'

- Feds: Doomed crew in Barker and DJ AM crash thought tire blew

- Atlanta courthouse shooting trial set to begin

- Geoffrey Canada's Quest to Fix Harlem

- The battle for votes in Pennsylvania's Clinton country

- Commentary: For the Sake of Our Families and Our Futures, It’s Time for You to Man Up, Brothers

- Dems seize on McCain's 13 cars

- David Blaine's next stunt could leave him blind

- Inside the vaccine-and-autism scare

- Even Fox News Admits McCain's Missteps (VIDEO)

1 comment:

  1. Is it worth to risk your health just because of implementing stunt trick? Or maybe it's all fake, like many people think about Blaine and all his "magic"? Has he got a talent, or is he just desperately trying to retrieve his 15 minutes of fame?