Oct 24, 2008

Lord have mercy. My heart and prayers go out to Ms. Hudson. I can't imagine what she is going through right now. Oh my God!!!!

The news from Chicago is reporting the following:

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The mother of singer and Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Hudson was one of two people found shot to death inside a home Friday.

A family member has confirmed Hudson's mother, Darnell Hudson Donerson, is one of the deceased. The home where the bodies were discovered is at 7019 S. Yale in Chicago's Englewood neighborhood. Property records indicate the home belongs to Donerson.

The other victim, sources close to the investigation said, has been identified as Jennifer Hudson's brother, Jason Hudson.

Police are expected to provide more information as they progress with their investigation.

Jennifer Hudson is a member of Progressive Baptist Church on Chicago's South Side. Despite her daughter's celebrity, Donerson chose to stay and live on the South Side, a decision that did not go unnoticed by the church community.
"That says a lot about the fact of the kind of family Jennifer comes from," said Rev. Willie Davis, Progressive Baptist Church. "They're a family of faith. They want to be attached to their roots. And that's just the sign of the nature of their relationship with God."

Church leaders say they have been told that Jennifer Hudson is flying home to Chicago from Tampa.

Here's a picture of 7 year old Julian King

It appears that this story keeps becoming more tragic as details keep emerging.

A 7-year-old child is reportedly missing, taken from the house in the Englewood neighborhood in a white 1994 Chevrolet Suburban SUV, license number X584859 police said. The boy was identified as Julian King. (Source)

Julian is 4 feet, 11 inches tall and weighs 130 pounds. He was wearing a brown polo shirt with stripes and khaki pants when last seen, authorities said in the Amber Alert.

Update #2

TMZ is giving more details about what happened during this tragedy:

We're told the two bodies were found dead on the scene at 2:44 PM. When the fire department arrived and discovered the bodies, police were brought in and the home was declared a crime scene.

More Updates from TMZ:

UPDATE 7:35 PM ET: Police are looking for William Balfour (left), who they claim could be with the missing 7-year-old. According to records, Balfour listed Hudson's mother's address as a place of residence within the last year. According to the Illinois Department of Corrections website, Balfour is currently on parole after serving jail time for attempted murder.

UPDATE 8:35 PM ET: Lost in all this is Jennifer's sister Julia, mother of the missing 7-year-old. We're told she works as a bus driver in Chicago. Her employer told us she worked her shift today. She hasn't been seen since.

UPDATE 9:20 PM ET: A WBBM reporter is saying that neighbors have said a family member in the Hudson household apparently tried to steal a car a few weeks ago, an argument ensued, and he vowed revenge. A photo on Julia's MySpace page (bottom) posted prior to today's events alludes to some kind of dispute with William over a car.

Update 10:35 PM ET: A man suspected in the shooting deaths of the mother and brother of Academy Award-winning actress Jennifer Hudson was in custody Friday evening, although the whereabouts of Hudson’s young nephew were still unknown, law enforcement sources told the Chicago Sun-Times.

William Balfour was arrested several hours after Hudson’s mother, Darnell Donerson; and brother, Jason Hudson; were found slain inside a South Side home Friday.

Balfour is involved in a relationship with a Hudson family member and once lived in Donerson’s home, sources told the Chicago Sun-Times.


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