Nov 10, 2008

Why am I not surprised. To all those people that think the election of Barack Obama has placed us in a post-racial time you are fooling yourself. There is a lot we still have to do. My friend named Harlotte Bolden-Wright was telling me about the newspaper in her hometown of Port St. Joe, Fl is guilty of the same thing. The paper is called The Star. Here is Bolden-Wright's letter to the newspaper. She doesn't feel they will print it so I will print it for her:

November 4th was a historic moment not just for the African American residents of my native town of Port St. Joe, but for all the residents across the country that supported and helped to elect Senator Barack Obama the first African American president of the United States of America. To my amazement when I received a copy of my hometown newspaper, The Star, there was no mention of this historic event ANYWHERE in the November 6th edition. However, I was able to find on the cover page a headline stating that “McCain wins Gulf County”. Yes, this may have been true, but out of respect for the 2,144 citizens of Gulf County who voted for President elect Barack Obama there should have been some mention of his victory as well as its significance to this country’s history. I really would like to believe that this was some form of oversight or maybe there was just no room anywhere in the paper to squeeze a line or two about the Presidential election, but we all know better.

Whether your personal preference was for Senator McCain or for President elect Obama, as a journalist I believe that one should be held to the highest standards of providing unbiased reporting to his or her readers. The Star missed out on the opportunity to capture in print a great moment in history. Imagine how great it would have been 20 years from now for my son to look back at a clipping from my hometown newspaper to witness when history was made. Regardless of whether or not the Star or any other local newspapers would like to acknowledge the facts, Barack Obama is the next President of the United States and that includes Gulf County, Florida.


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