Dec 17, 2008

Here at The Savvy Sista, I have to admit that we are some of the biggest music fans around especially Hip-Hop. I personally don't know of a bigger music fan than TheDiva but I digress. So it is my pleasure to introduce a new post series on The Savvy Sista called "Beat, Rhymes, and Turntables." In this series, we will be interviewing some prominent and burgeoning voices on the Hip-Hop scene. We'll be talking to Emcees, producers, and Deejays. The purpose of this series is to shine some light on people in the music game that deserve some recognition whether it be for their music, philanthropic causes, and everyday community service. It's time that someone highlights the positive aspects of the Hip-Hop movement.

You see, I, like many fans of Hip-Hop, have been very disppointed with the direction that the music has taken in the past few years, but I still hold out hope that good music will prevail in the end. So whatever part I can play in the resurgence of good music I am willing to play. I truly believe there is good music and good artists out there. They just are not getting the attention and play that they need or deserve. So I hope you will join us on this journey as we explore the Beats, Rhymes, and Turntables.

First on deck is DJ Limelight. He is mid-West DJ that is slowly but surely making a name for himself on the party scene. He's done parties in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Chicago but its his home of Indianapolis that he always returns to. Please check out his upcoming interview as he explains to TheDiva why the deejay is still very important to Hip-Hop.

We will also have an upcoming interview with Multi-Platinum Producer Kevin "Khao" Cates. A native of Montgomery, Alabama, Khao has made enormous advancements in the production of arithmetic sounds and melodies crossing various genres of music. His accomplishments include: various nominations such as Grammy for best Album(TI’s The King), American Music Award, Dead Serious Award, BET hip-hop Award and Billboard Award. He was the winner of the ASCAP Rhythm and Soul Award: For Best Rap Song in 2006 for T.I's “Why You Wanna".

Khao has worked with numerous artists such as R. Kelly, Ludacris, and Chingy just to name a few, but it wasn't his music this year that garner him the most attention. Khao was very instrumental in the election this year when he joined with Dr. Charles Steele, Jr. of the SCLC in a drive to register people to vote. This drive was called the Million March to Vote.

Please stay tune for these interviews and many more to come.


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