Dec 31, 2008

It looks like a sista can't even go on vacation and enjoy her family with out hell breaking loose in the political world. Here I am enjoying myself with my family in Georgia and I happen to look at a television screen and see Rod Blagojevich. As soon as I saw the tainted governor of Illinois I knew it was time to break out the popcorn and boy was I right. Our boy Rod has decided to give the finger to the state of Illinois, President-elect Obama, and the Democratic party when he decided to appoint Roland Burris to Obama's vacant senate seat. Now if this dude don't have a nice size of cajones than I don't know who does. He is an O.G. for real I'll give him that.

I don't know much about Roland Burris. I'm sure he is an honest and decent man, but he has just aligned himself with the devil, and nothing good can ever come of that because guilty or innocent Blagojevich is tainted and thus that taint is going to rub off on Mr. Burris. Mr. Burris appeared on CNN and several other channels to defend himself:


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