Jan 29, 2009

Via BlackAmericaWeb.com:

LOS ANGELES - Awash in debt, behind on his mortgage and recently fired from his job at a hospital, Ervin Lupoe was planning on leaving California.

The 40-year-old father of five pulled his children out of school, packed his SUV with snow chains and winter clothing for him and his family and appeared ready for the trip to his brother-in-law's home in Garden City, Kan.

It's not yet known if he was planning on leaving for good in a bid to flee his mounting money problems or if the trip would have only been temporary.

Whatever his intention, Lupoe never got to Kansas.

Instead, police say, he shot his five children and wife to death before turning the gun on himself.

"Something happened in the last 48 hours that made him snap," said Detective David Cortez of the Los Angeles police department, the lead investigator in the case. "(He saw) no other way, no other direction."

Investigators found evidence of spiraling financial woes, including a bounced check to the Internal Revenue Service. Lupoe owed at least $15,000, as well as thousands of dollars on a home equity line of credit.

He also was at least one month behind on a mortgage for his home in Wilmington, near the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, Cortez said.

But Cortez said it was Lupoe, not the stagnant state of the economy, that was to blame.

"Being there and walking through the crime scene, it's a lot easier to see him as the suspect that did this to other people than the economy did this to him," Cortez said. "It's how he chose to respond to the circumstances; he had options."

Police found the bodies of Lupoe, his wife and five children Tuesday morning. The bodies of two-year-old twin boys, Benjamin and Christian, were beside their dead mother, Ana. In another bedroom, the bodies of five-year-old twin girls, Jaszmin and Jassely, and their eight-year-old sister Brittney lay on a mattress pad next to their lifeless father.

He appeared to have attempted to muffle the sound of gunfire by shooting a semiautomatic handgun through a pillow.

"It looked like they were all caught by surprise," Cortez said.

Neighbors' reports of firecracker sounds indicated the family might have been killed the evening before and Lupoe shot himself the next day, Cortez said.

This story just makes me want to throw up. I knew there was more to this story than what was being reported. I'm pretty sure as time goes on their are more things that will come out. I just have a hard time believing a mother lion would be complacent in the deaths of her children. I just find this entire stroy to be a bunch of BS. I think Ervin Lupoe planned this entire thing and threw his wife into the mix so he would not look like a complete evil bastard when it was discovered what he had done. I really don't think Mrs. Lupoe had any idea something like this was going to take place. She probably really thought she was going to her brother's house in Kansas and now here she is dead and the rest of world believes that she was one of the maserminds behinds this horrendous tragedy.


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