Jan 16, 2009

Via BlackVoices.com:

This week Indianapolis Colts head coach Tony Dungy announced that he was retiring from football. He was the Colts' head coach for seven years, becoming the first Black coach to win a Super Bowl in the 2006-07 NFL season.

"My wife and I talked, and we just felt it was the right time," Dungy said at a news conference. "I think I've got a chance to do some things down the road. I think I've got a responsibility to be home a little more. I've been tremendously blessed to play three years in the NFL and coach for 28, and those 31 years have been fantastic. Don't shed any tears for me. I've got to live a dream that most people don't get to live. What phase two is, we'll see. . . . I have a real peace about it that this is the right time."

Dungy still hasn't decided on what he wants to do, but for the immediate future, he's probably going to just kick it. He will be replaced by associate head coach Jim Caldwell, who was pretty much guaranteed the HC job when Dungy decided to step down.

The Hall of Fame talk is already buzzing around his name. He doesn't become eligible until 2014, but is a sure-fire candidate?

Preparing for this inauguration has left me so busy that I completely missed that one of my favorite coaches in the NFL is retiring. I was a student at FAMU when Coach Dungy was at Tampa Bay. I can still remember some of the PSA's he did with his family. My heart ached for him win he lost his son a few years back and I cheered for him when he won his first Super Bowl as a coach. I know whatever he has planned for the future will be a success. Here's wishing the Coach luck in his next endeavor. I'm pretty sure we'll be seeing him on television as a sport's commentator.


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