Mar 24, 2009

Well maybe I should say Steve Harvey has a problem because it would appear that the concept of his book, Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, did not originate with him. There is another book by this same title that was written by one Sharon P. Carson and it was copyrighted in 2004. Ms. Carson even has a website Now, I'm one of those people who really wants to believe that this is just a coincidence and that Steve didn't steal this concept from this lady, but after reading how she describes her book it's really make me doubtful. Here is how Ms. Carson describes her book:

Act like a Lady – Think like a Man is a
collection of short lessons that are intended to
inspire women to practice both self-love and
tough love in relationships.

In today’s world women’s hearts are being
broken over and over again, as easily as eggs
for an omelet and without remorse or second

By gaining some insight into
how men think (in terms of their relationships
with women,) a woman can help better her
present relationship and be more able either to
recognize the signs of a bad relationship so
that she doesn’t fall into one, or to recognize
if she has already fallen into one.

Now, I have a hard time believing when Steve was writing his book that he or one of his people couldn't just Google that title and see that there was a book that already existed with that title and it had a pretty similiar concept to the one that he was trying to convey. I'm pretty sure there wouldn't be such a problem if he had chosen a different title, but I'm not that familiar with case law so I don't know. I just feel that Steve's people did a disservice to him. And, Lord can you imagine how big this is going to get now that Oprah is in the picture.

Click here to read Sharon P. Carson's statement on this matter.


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