Mar 31, 2009

This morning on the Steve Harvey Morning Show, Mr. Harvey decided to address the controversy surrounding his book 'Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man.' He brought on his publisher from HarperCollins and they discussed how they came up with the title. His publisher mentioned that she was the one that came up with the title one weekend when she went home. Initially she told Steve to call the book "Act Like a Girl, Think Like a Man" but because Steve didn't want to offend anyone he said that the 'Girl' needed to be removed and 'Lady' was brought into it's place. He mentioned that he had never heard of Ms. Carson's book. The first time he heard of the book was last week when his team brought the information to him. He said that he has all the writing notes to prove that he is the originator of the ideas that are in his book. Steve also mentioned that in his opinion the books are not the same and that his book is different from anything out there because it came from the mentality of a man. I want to also mentioned that he never disparaged Ms. Carson in anyway shape, form or fashion, but he feel he should be cleared of any wrongdoing because he didn't plagiarize her. From his understanding it's ok to have the same titles as long as you don't plagarize the person.

We are waiting to see if Ms. Carson has a statement on the comments that were made by Mr. Harvey and his publisher. As soon as one is put out we'll be sure to bring it to you.

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