May 21, 2009

DAMN, DAMN, DAMN......Entertainment Weekly is reporting that The Game has officially been cancelled from The CW.  Well, it looks like there is no reason for me to even watch that channel anymore.  The finale for the show was wonderful, but it left a lot of holes especially in terms of Kelly and Jason.  God, I'm going to miss Tasha Mack.  That was my girl.
The show had really picked up and I hate to see it go.  I'm definitely going to miss seeing Derwin (Pooch Hall).  Love him.  Oh well.  No good thing last forever.  Here's hoping Mara Brock Akil can sell it to another station.
Well, it looks like the 'Black Out' continues in Hollywood.  Besides the new show starring Michael Strahan and Darryl Mitchell, there appears to be no other shows that are dominated by an African American cast.  I don't even think we can call it a 'Black Out' anymore because there doesn't appear to be any other minorities featured on television in major roles if you take out Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Meet the Browns, House of Payne and Ugle Betty.  The majority of these shows are helmed by two people and that's Shonda Rhimes and Tyler Perry.  What's going on on television is disgusting and not a true representative of our country as a whole.  I'm sick and tired of minorities being relegated to the sidelines or being someone's sidekick.  You would think after a black man has been elected to the office of President we would begin to see more diversity on television.  Not.  It seems Barack Obama got elected and television went in the opposite direction.  Instead of more minorities being represented on television the opposite came about.  I swear if someone does a study they'll note that there were more minorites on television 10-15 years ago than are on television now.  It's like these fledgling stations build their brand on the backs of minorites and soon as they get a little success they kick the minorites to the curve.  The CW and Fox come to mind.
Man, can we please get Bill Cosby, Oprah, or Tyler Perry to come together and create some television shows that we can relate to.  If the can re-do 90210 can I please get a 'Different World 2.0'?  Is that too much to ask.  Can I get another show that focuses on student life on a black campus?  Or how about a black drama?  Can a sista get something?  I hope Oprah has some quality stuff on her channel when it launches next year.  She should really consider doing things for minorities since we are approaching becoming the majority in this country.  Cathy Hughes could also do something with TVOne.  I'm not even going to mention BET because I don't even consider it to be for us or about us anymore.
It all boils down to the fact that we have to start producing the things we want to see.  That is why I have the utmost respect for Tyler Perry.  he might not have been willin got pay his writers (I'm still a little hot about that), but at least he was smart enough to build his own studio in Atlanta and do his own thing outside of Hollywood.  That's what we have to do.  We need to start working together and bring about the stories we want to see.  If all the minorities came together black, latino, asian imagine what kind of force we could be.  We could actually start seeing people who looked like us represented on television instead of hoping and praying the people in Hollywood will do the right thing.  But maybe this is all just wishful thinking from a person who is pissed that one of her favorite shows were cancelled.  DAMN, DAMN, DAMN!!!!


  1. This is a shame for all of us - we are already missing the great black show images that are now relegated to syndication.

    We have to put our money and loyalty where are hearts are. I always knew that if white people allowed Obama to be President that would be all the black they could handle on the airwaves.

  2. I hear BET might pick it up...but don't hold ya breath because Debra Lee ain't doing shit up there lol