Jun 29, 2009

Janet Jackson thanks the audience for their support during the ...

Anyone who knows me know that I am no longer a viewer of BET.  I gave up on the channel a long time ago for many different reasons, but I decided to put all of that aside last night because the death of The King warranted me to at least watch the BET Awards and see how they planned on honoring this great talent that we had been blessed with.  I must say my hopes were extraordinarily high.  We are talking about Michael Jackson people.  How can BET possibly mess this up?  Boy, was I in for an incredibly disappointing surprise.  Let me begin on a positive note and talk about the highlights of the show.
1.  I think everyone will agree hands down that the most moving moment of the night was when Janet Damita Jo Jackson took to the stage on behalf of the Jackson family and made this statement:
"To you, Michael is an icon," a somber Janet Jackson told the crowd at the end of Sunday's show. "To us, Michael is family and he will forever live in all of our hearts."
I couldn't keep my composure after that.  I was crying like someone in my family had passed away.  Janet really brought it home.  Although we saw Michael Jackson as an out of this world entertainer, at the end of the day he was still somebody's father, brother, uncle, cousin, and son.  Our lives may never be the same because of his passing, but imagine how devastating their must be.  May heart and prayers truly go out to the Jackson family escpecially his three children and his mother.
2.  The O'Jays and Maxwell gave the best performances of the night hands down.  Had it not been for these two performances there truly would not have been a reason for watching this show other than Janet taking to the stage.  Maxwell and the O'Jays gave proof that there are people out there that can still sang live and sound just as good if not better than they do in a studio.
3.  Jamie Foxx's intro was hilarious you had to admit.  When he came out with the "Beat It" jacket, the highwater pants, and the penny loafers on everybody knew what time it was.  Oh, and don't get me started on his attempt at the moonwalk.  It was a Hot Mess, but I appreciate the effort.
4.  Mary Mary was hot.
5.  The recognition of average people who are doing extraordinary things such as the three doctors and the new mayor of Philadelphia, Mississippi.
Now for the lowlights:
1.  The passing of Michael Jackson has truly exposed the music industry for what it truly is today: nothing but a bunch of mediocre singers passing themselves off as superstars.  As much as these people try to emulate The King none of them could truly do him any justice as far as a tribute was concern.  Ciara would have been better off doing a dance routine than trying to sit down and sing a ballad.  I guess people failed to realize that not only was Michael one hell of a dancer, but he was also one of hell of a singer.  That is one of many differences between him and these lackluster people we have masquerading as stars these days.  I means seriously BET could not come up with one show stopping tribute for The King.  Hell, they could have called up Chris Brown and allowed him to come up with something.  This could have been the beginning of his comeback.  Trust me, he can use some positive press right now.
2.  Can someone please tell me what happened to our male R&B groups from the 80s and the 90s?  New Edition sound a HOT A$$ MESS with their rendition of the Jackson 5's music.  I just don't understand what was going on with Ralph's voice.  I realize it was last minute, but dang that is not an excuse for singing out of tune when you are a professional singer and please don't even get me started on Bobby Brown.  There isn't enough space on this blog for me to share my true thoughts about the supposed "King of R&B".  Now I have to talk about Guy and this truly just breaks my heart.  There were many things people could say about Aaron, but not being able to sing was not one of them until last night.  What in the sam hell foolishness was his voice?  We are talking about Aaron Hall here.  The man can sang the phone book and it would have been a hit.  I just don't understand.  You know something is wrong when Teddy Riley sounds better than Aaron hall...SMDH.
3.  For next year's show can someone please beg Viacom for a production budget for BET because that bootlegged stuff they had going on last night made the Source Awards look like the Oscars.  Tell me I'm wrong.  They didn't show us any of the nominees until half into the show and don't even get me started on the cameramen.  
4.  Now, I love Hip-Hop just like the next person, but I really don't understand the hype over this dude Drake.  People are talking about him like he is the second coming and I just don't get it.  He sounds like a hybrid between Lil Weezy and Kanye.  I don't get it.  And what was up with that performance?  I guess it is just a sign that I am truly getting old because that performance was beyond mess for me.
5.  Was Jamie Foxx and Ne-yo the only people BET could find to perform.
6.  During the O'Jays tribute was I the only person missing Gerald Levert something terribly.  You know during that tribute Gerald would have came out his jacket and been rolling on the ground for his daddy.  Trey Songz, Johnny Gill, and Tyrese did a piss poor job of a tribute to the O'Jays.  I'm pretty sure it didn't come as a surprise that the O'Jays upstage them just like Gladys Knight did the people who paid tribute to her the year she was honored.
Ok, I'm done.  My head is about to explode from just from trying to recall the show.  I need to purge this stuff from my brain as soon as possible.
So please share your thoughts with me about the BET Awards.  If you disagree with me that's fine.  I want to hear all feedback.


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