Jun 30, 2009

Am I the only person who thinks Joe Jackson needs to sit his a$$ down somewhere?  Now, as far as Mr. Jackson is concerned I have tried to remain neutral because people grieve differently, but after the stunt he pulled with the CNN interview I've had enough.  So please tell me if I'm wrong.  I'm going to post the video of his interview when I get a chance, but if you've already seen it please feel free to share your opinion.

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  1. I do not condone Joe Jackson's behaviour. I do believe that he is a very sick individual and is very concerned of his well being after the death of his son. After all, Michael was the bread winner and probably supporting the whole clan with the exception of Rebe and Janet. So in his mind, I believe that he is trying to find a venture that will support him for the rest of his days. Of course none of this will bring him any prosperity, only disgust and ridicule from Mike's fans.