Jul 28, 2009

I've been waiting two years for this day.  I am so happy to see Michael Vick back in the NFL.  As a GA peach there was nothing that made me happier than rocking my No. 7 jersey when watching a game on Sundays.  I am happy Vick is getting another chance to return to the NFL.  He broke the law, but damn 23 months was a little steep in my personal opinion, but there's not point in crying over spilled milk.  It is what it is.
Now, you know I have a problem with the fact that Vick has been suspended for an additional four regular season games.  I agree with T.O. on this point.  There are plenty of people in the NFL who have done far worse than Vick and they receive nothing but a slap on the wrist.  Look I don't agree with dogfighting, but I think beating and assaulting a woman is far worse of a crime for someone to commit.
So, let's just forget all the off-field stuff and let's discuss my favorite sport: FOOTBALL.  What team do you think Michael Vick should go to?  First of all any team would be crazy to pass on this man.  I've been having this debate with a lot of guy friends of mine.  I personally would like to see him in Arizona.  I don't know how plausible this is, but could you imagine him with Fitzgerald and Edge.  Hell, even I would try to get tickets to an Arizona game and I live in Pittsburgh.  I also vaguely remember Mike Singletary expressing some interest in him.  It would be interesting to see Vick as a 49er.  I had one friend express the fact that he should go to Detroit.  BOOO!!! No disrespect to my Detroit readers, but you guys have a lot riding on Stafford after you paid him all that money; besides, Detroit has turned into a black hole for talent (Calvin Johnson anybody).
Well in the end whatever team dude goes to I will definitely be buying a jersey.  I believe in second chances and I think he deserves one.
So, what team would you like to see Michael Vick go to?


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