Jul 28, 2009

I've been waiting two years for this day.  I am so happy to see Michael Vick back in the NFL.  As a GA peach there was nothing that made me happier than rocking my No. 7 jersey when watching a game on Sundays.  I am happy Vick is getting another chance to return to the NFL.  He broke the law, but damn 23 months was a little steep in my personal opinion, but there's not point in crying over spilled milk.  It is what it is.
Now, you know I have a problem with the fact that Vick has been suspended for an additional four regular season games.  I agree with T.O. on this point.  There are plenty of people in the NFL who have done far worse than Vick and they receive nothing but a slap on the wrist.  Look I don't agree with dogfighting, but I think beating and assaulting a woman is far worse of a crime for someone to commit.
So, let's just forget all the off-field stuff and let's discuss my favorite sport: FOOTBALL.  What team do you think Michael Vick should go to?  First of all any team would be crazy to pass on this man.  I've been having this debate with a lot of guy friends of mine.  I personally would like to see him in Arizona.  I don't know how plausible this is, but could you imagine him with Fitzgerald and Edge.  Hell, even I would try to get tickets to an Arizona game and I live in Pittsburgh.  I also vaguely remember Mike Singletary expressing some interest in him.  It would be interesting to see Vick as a 49er.  I had one friend express the fact that he should go to Detroit.  BOOO!!! No disrespect to my Detroit readers, but you guys have a lot riding on Stafford after you paid him all that money; besides, Detroit has turned into a black hole for talent (Calvin Johnson anybody).
Well in the end whatever team dude goes to I will definitely be buying a jersey.  I believe in second chances and I think he deserves one.
So, what team would you like to see Michael Vick go to?

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  1. As someone who was a Michael Vick supporter during the trial and whatnot, and wrote about it on my blog last year, I am happy that he has a chance for a comeback.

    I think his sentencing was a ridiculous punishment for the crime, they were just trying to make an example out of him. It really does seem at times, that people value animal life over human life. Earlier this year a white guy shot and killed a black guy, over nothing and got a year in jail. People were outraged...however a guy has dogfighting in the same state and near to the same area as where Michael Vick's dog ring was at, gets almost two years...damn
    Now all though I am without a doubt no football connoisseur, I thought I heard a few months ago, that if Michael Vick was allowed to play football again, that the Redskins wanted him...is that incorrect...or what?

    Since that is my area, I will go with that the Redskins, I want him to go there and play for them...I crazy do I sound now?

    Anyway on the business side, I think any team would be crazy to miss the chance to have him... I know 6 teams already publicly declared they weren't interested at all.
    Now I don't know about his playing, I hear he is great, but I'm thinking on the business aspect, I think whether it is fans or haters, he will fill the seats, he is a a star, whether it is recently for bad publicity or not, people are watching him, and will continue to watch him for some time, and isn't that what brings in the bucks?....I think there should be a battle for him!