Aug 26, 2009

Click here to preview entire album.  Come back and tell me your thoughts.


  1. Thanks for sharing :o)

    It's good to hear her voice she sounds wonderful and healthy :o)

    Million Dollar Bill - is catchy - I think my favorite slow song is I Look To You.

    I listened to Call You Tonight twice :o) - really like that one.
    LOl@Akon's signature moan - but that's a nice one too.

    I also love A Song For You - I could have done without the remix though, but it's my third fav.

    Nothin' But Love - has that Jill Scott Hater's vibe - I would say it's the best fast tempo song.

    The others are okay but the others stood out more. Overall, I can't wait to buy the CD.

  2. All I can say is my girl is back!!!