Aug 28, 2009

The Atlanta mayoral race went into overdrive Thursday when two of the leading candidates held dueling press conferences to talk about race.

Sen. Kasim Reed (D-Atlanta) and City Council President Lisa Borders were responding to a letter that has been circulating through the city calling for a black agenda. Specifically, the letter strongly implies that the city would be better off electing a black mayor. More specifically, the letter endorses Borders.

Reed urged the Borders campaign to denounce the email, which he called "divisive," and "racist."

Long-time Atlanta political insider and consultant Aaron Turpeau has been distributing the letter, but has denied actually writing it. He said the paper was produced by an ad hoc group of black Atlantans who have been meeting on and off since 1994 to promote a "black agenda."

"This campaign should be based on the merits of each candidate, not the color of someone's skin," Reed said at his news conference.

About an hour later, Borders did just that.

"I recognize the constitutional right of every citizen to express their concern," Borders said. "I reject the analysis offered by Aaron Turpeau. He is absolutely wrong. I oppose anyone, or any race, who would distract us from what is important today."  Source



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