Sep 24, 2009

Boxer Evander Holyfield plans to generate solar power on his property in Fayette County, seen in a 2007 photo.

Atlanta's former heavyweight boxing champion says he plans to build a solar energy farm on 40 acres of his property in Fayette County. The project, which is in the preliminary stages, would generate solar power for commercial sale, and would take six to nine months to complete, according to Deborah Pointer, who says she helped put the deal together for Holyfield.

"I've never had a problem being lean," Holyfield said, "now I'm the lean, green fighting machine."

Holyfield said his motivation for the project is "to do something right," by helping to combat global warming.

Holyfield, who has faced financial difficulties including foreclosure on his property, said he hopes to make money from the venture. But he said that it is not his main motivation.

"When you do what's right it's going to benefit you," Holyfield said, "but it touches more than financial."

A spokesperson for Georgia Power said the utility company is interested in buying solar power from customers. The likely size of Holyfield's proposed project, however, could make that more complicated. source


  1. It's a great idea actually. You can definitely conserve electricity if you use solar energy.

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  2. I didn't know that someone like Evander Holyfield will have an interest on building a solar energy farm on his own property. It's kind of nice actually.

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  3. "Now I'm the lean, green fighting machine." The 'green agenda' really took off, perhaps because of Al Gore's often extreme agenda and sense of paranoia. It's a good thing, though, since people are becoming more aware of alternative energy and its benefits.

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