Sep 29, 2009

My heart aches for her. No parent should ever have to bury his/her child and to lose your child this way only compounds the anguish. Stuff like this just pisses you off. I'm trying my best to refrain from cussing, but this s%!t is eating me up. I'm so sick of hearing about children, our children being slaughtered in the streets like cattle and we sit idly by and do nothing. We all play a part in this. You may think this have nothing to do with you because you are living in your comfortable neighborhood and thank God you don't live in Chicago, but trust me stuff like this has a way of seeping into your comfortable neighborhood.

I thought I was living in a very safe world until I had to attend the funeral of one of my best friends in the whole world two days after his 25th birthday. Smart, charismatic young man who was embarking on becoming an electrical engineer and just like that he was gone. They say he was a victim of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, but for me that's nothing but a bunch of B.S. and excuses. Derrion Albert was just trying to walk home from school was he in the wrong place at the wrong time too or was he just trying to get home?

I was over at Jack and Jill Politics when I saw this video from the documentary Brick City that will be appearing on the Sundance Channel. The man giving the speech is Ras Baraka. He is the principal of Central High School in Newark, NJ. He is addressing his students about a near-campus shooting. His speech really touched me because I can understand the brother's frustration as he tried his best to reach the students he had been entrusted with. Here is the video:

He's right this is not normal, but for a lot of our kids this is NORMAL. People don't care about life anymore. This is NORMAL. We don't foster real interpersonal relationships anymore. This is NORMAL. We've allowed the music and images to objectify women because this is NORMAL. We let these fake a$$ gangstas rappers bamboozle our children into believing they are keeping it "Real" because this NORMAL. Children not having parents is NORMAL. These kids are left to fend for themselves because no one is stepping up and saying to them that this is not NORMAL.

How can we expect these parents to teach these children differently if they don't know anything different themselves? For all of them this is NORMAL.

It is up to us as a collective to start changing mindsets. I don't know what the solution is, but I know there has to be one because this isn't NORMAL!!!

I dedicate this post to my fallen brother and friend, Ron Burden. I still can't believe it's been 5 years since you've been gone. Sometimes the pain is so fresh it feels like it just happened yesterday. The world missed out on knowing a wonderful person the day you departed. Gone But Never Forgotten!!!


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