Sep 23, 2009

Should we care about the intimate details of the Obama's marriage?
Editor's note:
As long as he gets a comprehensive healthcare bill passed I don't give a damn what goes on in his marriage.

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  1. Dear Savvy,

    It's not so much that we should care about the Obama Marraige. However, their marraige does say a lot about the 2 people in terms of keeping their marraige alive and strong in the midst of lifes challenges. I should add, especially with the black race. To me, their marriage represents a beacon of light if you will in a world where marraiges are failing everyday. So in huge regard, perhaps we should "pay attention" to their marraige as they have a lot of wisdom and knowledge to share with the world not only in the area of perseverance, but also in the area of showing us the necessary tools it takes to hold a powerful union like marraige together.