Oct 21, 2009

Now, Jan Adams are you this desperate for money that you have to write a book about a very painfully situation.  I mean seriously, have your discussion with the family and keep it moving.  I would be mad as hell if someone wrote a book about my momma.  Nothing is sacred to people anymore; everyone has to write a book about every damn thing.
In the book, Adams denies any responsibility for Dr. West's death, saying that the coroner's report absolves him completely. In an interview with "Tom Joyner Morning Show" producer Deya M. Smith, Adams says he is not to blame.

"The coroner, along with experts from USC, UCLA and actually a pathologist that I suggested the West family hire to protect their interests concluded neither surgery nor anesthesia contributed to the death of Donda West. I don't even have to contend that," said Adams. "I can tell you why I think she died, and I don't think you have to be a doctor or her doctor or Dr. Dre to be able to figure it out. What I'm saying is that if you read the public document, which is the coroner's report, it will tell you why she died."

Adams says that post-surgery, Dr. West was released into the care of her nephew, Stephen Scoggins, a registered nurse who tended to her and administered Vicodin, a medication to control pain. Numerous reports say that Dr. West felt better the morning after the surgery, but that in the afternoon, Scoggins left her in the care of others to attend a baby shower. When Dr. West began experiencing pain, a sore throat and tightness in her chest, Scoggins was unreachable, and Dr. West collapsed with black vomit around her nose and mouth.

She died in the hospital later that day.

"It's very easy from my perspective to understand what happened to her," Adams says. "They gave her medication that made her nauseous. Vicodin makes everyone nauseous. They laid her flat, she vomited, and when she went to sleep, she aspirated it (breathed it into) in her lungs. That caused her not to oxygenate well, and the process created a circle. Her blood kept getting lower and lower with oxygen and then finally, her heart stopped. (Oxygenation means you get enough oxygen in your blood to keep your tissues alive)."

Adams contends that Scoggins, with the full consent of Dr. West, was responsible for her aftercare and that he advised Dr. West that she could receive aftercare at a facility for that purpose. But he also says that he was fine with the post-surgical treatment plan, since Scoggins is a registered nurse with an advanced degree.

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  1. I think if you are going to do a book on someone,then let it be for the right reason not so you can just make some money!also it would be a good idea to check with who is all going to be involved in this story,as well.I'm just smiling.God bless