Oct 26, 2009

Bianca Perez wrote a letter to President Obama's two girls, Malia and Sasha, hoping to get some help in these tough economic times.

6-year-old who saw her mother brutally gunned down on the streets of Brooklyn two years ago is asking the First Daughters for help.

"Hi Malia and Sasha," Bianca Perez wrote in her letter to President Obama's 11- and 8-year-old girls. "Two years ago, I lost my mommy. She was killed by a bad man in front of me. ...

"I'm writing this letter to see if you can ask your daddy to help me and my daddy," Bianca wrote in pencil above a drawing of Obama and his girls.

Bianca wrote the letter with the help of her father, Joseph Perez, 31, last week. They sent the letter over the weekend.

Her mother, Christina Scarabaggio, 27, was shot to death by an abusive boyfriend in September 2007 as she tried to shield Bianca, then 4, in front of their Bay Ridge home.

Christopher Flynn, 27, shot Scarabaggio twice in the back and once in the face before turning his .380-caliber handgun onhimself.

Bianca has been living with her father on Staten Island ever since. Like many New Yorkers, he has fallen on hard times.

He's a mover and a union member, but work has slowed to a trickle in the past few months. He owes his landlord $3,800.

"I got an eviction notice," he said.

His hours at work have been dwindling, and he hasn't been working enough to qualify for health care, he said, so Bianca hasn't been able to go to her therapist or dentist.

Bianca's letter to the President's daughters.Undated photo of Bianca with her slain mother, Christina Scarabaggio.
(l)Picture of Bianca's letter (r) undated photo of Bianca and her mother, Christina


  1. This is pure exploitation. It is inappropriate to address any letter, and especially this letter to the President's daughters. They are children-and private citizens. This little girl's father (who obviously put his daughter up to this) should seek help locally from the mayor of NY, from the Federal Government, (i.e. welfare-thats what it's there for)or from the family of the man who killed his daughter's mother. No one ever wrote a letter like this to Bush. Or if they did, the press did not publish or publicize it. The President has a job to do and his daughters are off-limits.

  2. CONTACT: (347) 878-6656



    (New York, NY, October 31, 2009) — Six-year-old Bianca Perez figured she had nothing to lose. Two years after watching her mother brutally killed in front of her while trying to protect her, she wrote a heartfelt letter to Sasha and Malia Obama. “Hi Malia and Sasha,” the letter begins, “Two years ago, I lost my mommy. She was killed by a bad man in front of me. I live alone with my daddy. I’m writing [this] letter to see if you can ask your daddy to help me and my daddy.” The letter ended up being read by Bev Smith, host of the nationally-syndicated Bev Smith Show and former host of Our Voices on BET. Very touched by the letter, Bev brought Bianca’s father, Joseph Perez, onto her show to talk about their plight.

    Father and daughter have been dramatically impacted by the economy this past year as Joseph’s work as a commercial mover has become scarce. While on the show, Joseph mentioned that Bianca needs dental work but they don’t have the insurance or money to pay for it. Bev Smith knew she had to do something about it so she called up Dr. Catrise Austin, “Dentist to the Stars.” Dr. Austin was so moved by the story that she offered to give a year of free treatment to Bianca and her father. Joseph Perez was so overwhelmed by the kindness of Bev Smith and Dr. Austin, he said he was at loss for words and couldn’t thank them enough.

    “At a time when health and dental care gets caught up in politics, the fact is, there are people out there like Joseph and Bianca who are desperately in need of care, and they simply can’t wait for Washington” Bev said. “Enough good things can not be said for Dr. Austin and her generosity in providing this full year of dental care to Joseph and Bianca.”

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  3. The anonymous person who commented that "This is pure exploitation", IS A PURE IDIOT!!!