Oct 29, 2009

Have you ever wonder what it felt like to watch Mozart compose or Picasso paint?  I mean imagine how it must have felt to see Ray Charles at the piano or Chanel sketch.  That is what I believe it was like when watching Michael Jackson in all his musical glory.  I have always been told that, "Love is in the details" and boy was Michael all about the love.  He had his finger on every aspect of this show from the 3-D short films to the choreography.  It was all Michael.
The movie opens with dancers from all around the world expressing how they feel about having the chance to audition to perform with the 'World's Greatest Entertainer."  You immediately feel their excitement and how much this means to them.  One dancer even flew from Australia two days earlier just for the opportunity to audition for Michael.  For a lot of them working with the man was a chance to see their dreams realized.  It was an amazing moment and you feel excited for them.  Not many people get to see their dreams come true, but these few performers did.
One of my favorite parts of the movie was watching Michael interact with his band.  I have always been a fan of Michael's.  I've always hailed him as the "World's Greatest Entertainer", but I never knew he was a musical genius.  I mean the man is brilliant.  I always thought Quincy Jones was the genius behind Michael's biggest hits, but I realize that's not true.  There were two geniuses working together and what they created was phenomenal.  How Michael hear and feel music is simply amazing.  The nuances of musicality that he displayed were simply amazing.  As a staunch music lover, it was definitely a joy to behold.
With everything that Michael did he did out of L-O-V-E.  Even when he was not happy with something he always made sure to preface his critiques by saying, "I only say this out of L-O-V-E' and when someone would mess up he would say, "This is the reason why we rehearse."  His was a very gentle spirit and he treated everyone with respect.  It was amazing to see someone who had accomplished so much still be so humble and so giving to the people around him. 
At some point in the film you begin to forget that these are only a series of rehearsals.  You feel as though you are in an actual concert.  I had to catch myself a few times when I began singing out loud ('Human Nature' is absolutely one of my most favorite songs of all time).  You see all the pyrotechnics and the 3-D films and can only imagine what a hell of a concert this would have been to experience.  I mean Michael didn't spare anything.  He was throwing everything at this one including the kitchen sink, counter, and cabinets.  This was really going to be his masterpeice.   
Michael's frame was extraordinarily skinny and you have to wonder how is it possible that he can still do all those dance moves, but somehow he does them and he does it well.  You can tell that his voice is in top form even when he's trying to 'preserve his throat.'  He was still Michael Jackson and damn he was GREAT.
I would recommend this movie to all people who are lovers of great artistry.  If you ever wanted the chance to witness a Ph.D level class in musicality and genius then this is the film for you.
I give the movie $$$$$/$$$$$.  Definitely a must see.

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  1. Thank you for your on the spot review. I have seen the movie 3 times in awe each time. Going again soon..

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