Oct 22, 2009

Wow, I really can't believe Tommy "The Hitman" Weeks has already remarried.  Well, I hope girlfriend knows how to bob and weave better than Juanita did...SMDH.  I'm just playing.  I'm sure Tommy is not into hitting women anymore and he is completely changed.
Bishop Thomas W. Weeks III is again a married man.

Last in the headlines over his violent 2008 divorce from Pastor Juanita Bynum, the head of international church empire Global Destiny Worldwide put a ring on the finger of self-described prophetess Christina Glenn, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.      

The quiet ceremony took place over the weekend, with only his church family and friends in attendance, a far cry from his extravagant marriage to Bynum, which was aired before millions on Trinity Broadcasting Network in 2002. The couple is currently on their honeymoon in an undisclosed location.       

Global Destiny's Web site, BishopWeeks.com, features the lovebirds discussing their marriage plans and gazing lovingly into each other's eyes.

"I am so glad that God has given me you, Prophetess Christina Glenn, as the greatest gift in my life besides himself," Weeks tells his fiancé. "He couldn't have made a better choice ."

Weeks describes Glenn - who, like Bynum, has a ministry of her own - as loyal and caring.

"I love you so much," she says. "God has blessed me with an awesome man of God, a prophet, a king — I appreciate you." 


  1. I just hope that he has change because you should never put your hands on a woman or on anybody.It's just wrong!now this photo of them together, I'm just not feeling it at all!!!I'm smiling.God bless.

  2. As a female, experiencing first hand, my dad as the abuser.

    Unfortunately, I grew up in a bitter and broken home watching my dad abuse my mother physical, financially, and mentally, then he later did the same to us ( I and my sister). Eventually, we though it was normal after seeing our mother tolerate our dad, that we end up with abusive relationship during our early adult years. My dad was very ugly looking who married our mother, who looked like a high yellow Hally Berry during the early 70s.

    Unfortunately, He never learned to appreciate her, while she loved him unconditionally. He found other means of pleasure by ordering adult magazines and stepping out with other female friends. Yeah he still claims that he did not cheat on my mother. However, I still remember the day when he took us (I and my sister) out with his female friend to see the Black Movie "Wiz of Oz" staring Dianne Ross. Why did he ask me to lie and threaten to beat me if I told my mother the truth...hmmmmmmm? Well I told my mother anyway, and he tormented me for the rest of my days until I left home at 19 yrs old. (I wish during that time their were laws for protection like it is NOW)

    I've seen other woman in my family always giving these sorry, abusive men a chance but they always get hurt or killed in the end. For anyone out there who seen or experienced abuse: verbally, mentally, financially, or physically please seek help and NEVER go back to the abuser.

    Also, to the precious, "New Woman" who comes into the proven abuser's life, please RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take it from me, don't believe their sob stories about their previous relationship of how their woman done them wrong especially when it's been proven on court and police records.

    These abuser don't change and if they do, it will take a lifetime of over 20yrs or more in being in consistent therapy.

    Trust me, I lived it and seen it with my own dad--and there is only a little change since he turned 65.
    Even though, I've trusted the Lord in my life to forgive all that my dad has done spitefully, til this day we will not ever have a close relationship, because of his unchanged male chauvinistic mentality.

    No offense to the new Mrs.Weeks, but I pray for your safety and God's protection for your life.
    Once you have children with this man, you are "TIED" for life. PLEASE HEED THIS WARNING.

    I seen where divorced abusive men who moved on and found another new love; but will torment their ex wife by keeping any new healthy relationship from being with a good man from entering into their lives. "JUST LOOK AT what Mike Tyson did to his ex wife- Robin Givens life....there are many women all over the world who share the same story as Robin but to scared to speak out.......

    Unfortunately, there are no laws to fully protect abuse woman after divorce in the USA.

    I have over 28 yrs real life experience dealing and seeing abusive men in my life, sibling's life, and relative's life.

    Once an abuser is always an abuser, and eventually they will beat their new love in their life due to unresolved childhood or adolescent issues they did not get therapy for.

    NO ONE can change the mentality of an abuser except for themselves and allow the Lord to change them in which can take a lifetime (over 20yrs or more). There are no quick fixes.....

    Ms. Toni-ATL

    Last example:
    My mother's sister, is currently back with her ex "proven" abuser husband who they have one child together. It's painful to still see my Aunt being abused again, over and over in 2010...still dropping the police charges and allowing her 7yrs girl suffer to see this ongoing abuse.--ALL in the name of God. I've still haven't seen where in the Bible says for anyone that is married to tolerate abuse, this goes against God's Holy Word.

  3. It's sad that people can such statements about Bishop Weeks. People can say what they want, but being in a abusive relationship before has shown me not to make assumptions. I was married to a woman who was EXTREMELY provocative and confrontational. I do agree that NO ONE (male or female) should put their hands on another adult, but don't expect me to allow you (a female) to lose control and physically hit me and I don't retaliate. Bottom line, if you don't want to be hit, then don't you hit. If I'm expected to control myself, as a male, then the same should be for the female. A lot of females want to say and do whatever ( including hitting), then turn around and play the abused victim card when they get hit. One thing that stood out to me the most about this tragic story is, by all accounts, Weeks had left and was walking to his car, Bynum went after him. Now, I don't what was said and I wasn't there, but I think its safe to assume, Weeks was walking away to prevent a confrontation...hhhhmmmm. can we say, provoked, um maybe, talking loud, acting crazy, maybe even standing in front of his car door to prevent him from walking away??? I'm just saying, its always two sides to a story. Women, hold yourselves accountable to the same standards, you expect from men. Respect goes both ways.

  4. A man should not hit a woman on any cercumstances,nor a woman hit a man. if a person claims to have salvation and do these things, think again,(you cannot serve to masters.) when Jesus came to earth to show us how to live hitting and beating was not one of them. take a look at what God says.(he) God is the truth and the light.God is LOVE. Satan has a way of fooling people, Don't be fooled.