Oct 29, 2009

I need to know who in the hell fights over a man resulting in the loss of their job in this damn economy? I don't get it. That brother must seriously be working with something if you're willing to lose your job over this foolishness.


CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. -- Police said a love letter on the social networking web site Facebook sparked an on-campus, profanity-laced fight between two teachers at Rex Hill Middle School in Rex. The altercation allegedly got so out of hand, an officer ended up arresting both instructors.

Channel 2 Action News reporter Tom Jones spent the day in Clayton County and was able to obtain the police report that detailed the love triangle that erupted into fighting and cursing in front of students.

The school district didn’t have much to say about the altercation, but parents did.

“That’s outrageous. That’s outrageous,” said parent Robert Fisher.

Parents and students at Rex Middle School were stunned after learning that police arrested two teachers after both got into a heated fight in front of students.

“I mean, what example are you showing the kids? Because when the kids get into a fight, you’re ready to expel them,” said parent Felicia Lyons.

According to the police report, Chaka Cobb, 32, said she and a man who teaches at the school are expecting a child together. Cobb stated that she discovered a love letter from Ebony Smith, 25, on her baby’s father’s Facebook account over the weekend.

Cobb angrily responded back on Facebook, according to police, and when the two returned to school on Monday, a fight broke out on the eighth-grade hall.

There was cursing, punches were thrown and threats to put the love letter on a blackboard for all to see, according to the police report.

Children witnessed it all.

“Love triangles happen everywhere. But it shouldn’t happen at school. Not in front of the kids,” said Fisher.

The officer stated he felt compelled to arrest the teachers because the altercation happened in front of the students.

Some parents said there’s only one punishment for the teachers. “They should be terminated to be honest with you. Kids get kicked out so they should be terminated,” said Lyons.

The school district placed both teachers on administrative leave with pay pending an investigation.

Both teachers face disorderly conduct charges and Smith faces simple battery as witnesses described her as the aggressor.

More info from AJC:

On Thursday, district spokesman Charles White said the teachers had been placed on administrative leave with pay pending an investigation.

The fight broke out Monday morning after the women learned they both were involved with the same male teacher, who also teaches at the school.

Cobb, who told police she is expecting a child with the man, said she found a letter from Smith on the man's Facebook page.

"I am in love with you. I am tired of being your every blue moon [expletive]," the letter read.

Cobb responded on Facebook with a "tumultuous" message, police said.

On Monday morning, the fight moved from Facebook to the school halls. That's where Smith approached Cobb and told her to "never do that again," the report states.

Cobb summoned an assistant principal, but the fight didn't stop.

Instead, it spilled into a classroom where Smith began to swing at Cobb, the report states.

Several other teachers broke up the fight and Cobb stormed down the hallway while threatening to post the letter on the blackboard.

The assistant principal told police she pulled Cobb into another classroom, with the children present, to calm her down. But Cobb continued to curse in front of the students. That's when Smith ran into the room again and "attempted to attack" Cobb, the report states.

Police interviewed several students, who said they heard Smith yell "[Expletive], you don't want none of this" and "get the [expletive] off me" while teachers were holding her down.

After talking to students and teachers, police charged Smith with simple assault and disorderly conduct. Cobb was charged with disorderly conduct.

"Due to the serious nature and children being present during this altercation, it would have been inappropriate for me not to pursue prosecution into this matter," Officer K. Singleton wrote in the report.

Both women were released on citations and released on their own recognizance instead of being booked in the jail, police said.

Cobb, 33, teaches seventh and eighth grade language arts. Cobb did not return a phone call left at her Rex home Thursday night. Smith, who teaches family and consumer science, could not be reached.

School officials said they could not comment further.

“The incident is a personnel matter, which is presently under review by the district’s human resources office,” White said. "They are on leave while the district completes its review and determines an appropriate course of action."


  1. Just crazy, huh?
    All three should be fired as that's just some ignorant ass mess.

  2. This is BAD!!! I have daughters in middle school and I just can't understand how anyone can allow their temper to get to this level, in front of children. Yes, I think that they should be fired. The teachers should apologize to all students.

  3. They should all be fired there shouldn't have to be an investigation no leave WITH pay...What kind of message are we sending the students...This "ghetto hood-rat" mess should have never occured at all yet alone in front of the students....While these two were fighting over this "so-called" man he probably was with someone else anyway...Its clear he doesn't love either of them....

  4. Yes, they should be fired. I can't believe as a teacher you would get into a fight in front of children. But it is Clayton County, they will be back as teachers next week.

  5. Please...I know right now if anyone of you women on here were 8 months pregnant with your first child from a man who you are engaged to and works with, and finds out he is having an affair with a co-worker who knows you are expecting a child and engaged to...you would be ready to fight in a heartbeat. Plus these are highly educated women with education up to a doctorate degree...learn the facts!

  6. Those highly educated women should know better than to act out in front of CHILDREN while at work. That is unprofessional, ignorant and idiotic. Other women know there is a time and a place for that type of behavior why do these too highly "educated" women not know that?

  7. I'm just upset... that the fight has not been posted on Youtube...dammit!

  8. Instead of fighting each other...they should have BOTH confronted this "man" in a UNITED FRONT! Honestly, it is HIS behavior that should be scrutinized much further! The fact that a CHILD is now involved...is even more troublesome! We need to join ranks as WOMEN...not continue to attack each other with MIS-PLACED RAGE!!!

  9. is ACTUALLY is working with something serious...I would know. i have been there. but, no man is worth fighting over, believe me. but he shouldn't be fired, he didn't do anything.

  10. excuse me, HE is ACTUALLY working with something serious. I have tried him out.