Nov 30, 2009

President Obama greets White House party crashers Michaele and Tareq Salahi at the state dinner last week.
There are a few people calling for Michaele and Tareq Salahi to be prosecuted after they recently crashed the President's first state dinner for India.  I totally disagree with the idea that these people need to be prosecuted.  Clearly had the Secret Service been doing their jobs this incident would have never taken place.  I mean seriously you telling me that anyone who looks like they are supposed to be at a White house event is allowed to go in?  And exactly what does looking like you supposed to be at an event mean?  Could anyone who dressed in a sari or put on a tuxedo have gotten into a party thrown by the President?  We are talking about the freaking President of the United States of America not the president of the glee club.  How in the world does anyone crash this party?  How does something like this happens?
There have been reports about Secret Service being a little strained when it came to security for President Obama and I think this lapse in security is very indicative of that strain.  I don't think the Salahis should be held liable for this.  The only thing they are guilty of is being posers and pathetic social climbers.  It was the job of the Secret Service to make sure something like this didn't happen and they fail.  This is their failure just like the time when the man was able to throw two shoes at former President Bush.  This was a security lapse and the Secret Service should be held accountable.  I mean what if these people had been terrorist.  I mean heaven forbid that a white man and woman could possibly be terrorists.  They looked like they belong and so Secret Service let them through.  I wonder how far a Raheem and Tameka Jackson would have gotten had they pulled the same stunt?  Don't act like I was the only one thinking it.  You know damn well anybody else would not have been able to get away with a stunt like this.  The Salahis fit the mold of what we think well to do people should look like and so they were given a pass.
The only reason some people think these people should be prosecuted is because they embarrassed Secret Service.  I on the other hand think they should be celebrated because they expose a problem with Secret Service that maybe now they will address.  And quite frankly I'm going to applaud them because they achieved the the ultimate social coup d' etat.  How many people can say they crashed a party at the White House and lived to tell about it? 
Tell me what you think about the White House Party Crashers?


  1. I think it would be fun to go to a dinner there but would never have the guts to crash a party-especially one at The White House. xoox


  2. Well, I think they should be arrested. I remember being on a plane in July of 2001 when a drunk passenger decided to open the door of the cockpit and yell at the pilot while we were sitting on the runway waiting to taxi. There were several lax people on the plane who thought it was okay to let him go. Now they realize, it's not okay. Yes, it is the Secret Service's job to monitor who comes and goes but it is also the responsibility of mature adults to stay away from Presidential dinners they were not invited to, only to boast and brag about it to friends online.