Jan 30, 2010

Caressa Cameron singing 'Listen'

Crowning Moment


  1. haha she wouldn't stop say OH MY GOD! well she's really pretty and from what i saw, she deserved that crown. congratulations!

  2. Ms. Cameron deserved her title, she was awesome with swimwear, and talent. She will definitely REPRESENT AMERICA WELL. She had my VOTE 101%.

    Congratulations to the State of Virginia and her Family.

    She Praise God for all Praises belongs to him.

  3. i loved caressa cameron's dress at miss america i love yellow and i love one shoulder strap dresses very pretty. i loved the gold plated sequened or meshed pattern at the top af the dress as well i didn't know how to discribe it that why i used three words and i know it's not about clothes although i did like the dress but i love what you are doing to as well caressa cameron you are truly a leader.

  4. i didn't know how to do what it said at the bottom because i'm not chris. so i just used it i hope that was ok.