Feb 24, 2010

In case you needed further proof that the NFL (and NCAA) is a modern day plantation and NFL players are no more than high price slaves please check out this article on Rhodes Scholar Myron Rolle:
ESPN's Outside the Lines ran a story Sunday morning about Myron Rolle, the Florida State defensive back who became a Rhodes Scholar and is now a prospect in the 2010 NFL draft.

The whole segment is worth watching, and the companion piece by Wright Thompson at ESPN.com is worth reading, but the Outside the Lines segment ended on an odd note, citing ESPN's draft experts as saying Rolle's off-field pursuits would actually hurt his stock among NFL teams.

The thinking, according to ESPN, is that NFL teams want to draft guys who need to play football and want to study nothing more than a playbook -- not guys like Rolle, who wants to become a doctor and enjoys studying the latest developments in stem cell research. The report said Rolle has dealt with this mentality before when his defensive coordinator at Florida State, Mickey Andrews, told Rolle that he was spending too much time on school and not enough time on football.

It's kind of a sad commentary: After a great piece about what a fine young man Rolle is, ESPN felt the need to point out that being a fine young man could, in Rolle's case, actually count against him on NFL teams' draft boards.

But it's surely true that Rolle could decide at any time to walk away from football and find greater success in another field. As far as NFL teams are concerned, that's not a good quality in a draft prospect. source

So instead of a brother being celebrated for his academic accomplishments, he is being punish.  Wow!!!  I can't say I'm surprised.  We always put down our student athletes for being atletes first, but when one finally decides to put the 'student' before the 'athlete' he is punished and possibly denied his dream of becoming a professional athlete.  Now, you tell me that ain't a form of modern day slavery.  Instead of the chains on your feet they put the chains on your mind and keep you dumb and ignorant.  You, the slave, are oblivious to the fact that you're a slave because massa has been good to you, as in keeping you well paid, so why challenge the status quo.  SMDH!!!!
Of course someone like Myron Rolle would be a problem for the NFL.  The simple fact that the brother can think for himself make him a problem.  someone like Myron won't just go with the flow but actually try to challenge things because guess what?  He can actually think for himself.


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