Mar 25, 2010


While Tyler Perry reprises the fictional tale of a group of vacationing African-American couples in "Why Did I Get Married II" this April, Tyler New Media brings eight real-life Black couples to the big screen in 25 cities this weekend for the Black Marriage Day premiere of the documentary "You Saved Me". A follow up to Essence bloggers Lamar and Ronnie Tyler's 2009 best selling documentary, "Happily Ever After: A Positive Image of Black Marriage", "You Saved Me" explores marriage's trials, changes, successes, and ultimately the individual healing that comes out of true love and commitment.

A 2009 census report recently caused a stir when it showed that 31 percent of Black women have never been married by their early 40s in comparison with only nine percent of White women, 11 percent of Asian women and 12 percent of Hispanics. Troubled by low marriage numbers, high divorce rates, and negative images of Black marriage in the media, Lamar and Ronnie Tyler set out to counter negative stereotypes and show that marriage is still a viable option in the Black community.  African-American couples nationwide have embraced the Tyler's efforts, making their website, Black and Married with Kids, the largest independent Black marriage and parenting site on the web and turning their first film into a best seller. The couple produced the highly anticipated "You Saved Me" in response to the overwhelmingly positive reaction to their first film, and the continued need to show real-life representations of marriage to Black audiences.

Stories in the movie range from the five year marriage of The Wire's Tray Chaney and wife Ayesha to a couple married 22 years that was able to revive their marriage after nearing the brink of divorce. Through each heartfelt account, the audience will receive one constant message: Black marriage has staying power.

Select venues in DC, New York, Dallas, Chicago, and other cities across the United States will feature the film this weekend.  A full list of screenings is available at "You Saved Me" will be released on DVD at on Monday, March 29th. The movie trailer is available at


  1. Thank the Lord! Praise God! Somebody going to tell the TRUTH about black marriages! Let's understand what marriage is, finally. It's an investment! Of time, of love, of patience, of forgiveness! Of many things in order to make it work! It's not a fairy tale or a prop for someones ego! Thanks for this Savvy Sista!