May 24, 2010

Apparently government isn't the only thing that's big in Washington, D.C.

After receiving complaints from high school students and college-age adults about the free condoms provided by the District of Columbia government being too small and too cheap, District officials have decided to go super-size and offer Trojans and its larger Trojan Magnum brand.

The additions were made following a study ordered by D.C. Council member David Catania, chairman of the council's health committee, into the sexual habits of the District's young people. The study revealed that most youths didn't like the Durex brand condoms handed out by the District, saying they were most likely to "pop or break."

"Youth feel that Trojan condoms are of better quality and offer more protection," the study said. "Youth also regard Magnums as the best extra strength and protection against (diseases) and 'do not break' during sexual intercourse."

Nat Carter, whose Washington barber shop helps distribute the city's free condoms, told The Washington Examiner that he's heard complaints about the Durex condoms from customers.

"They're saying these are too small," he told the newspaper. "Young'uns, man."

The Durex condoms were panned, despite Consumer Reports magazine giving the brand's Extra Sensitive and Performax condoms the same "excellent" ratings last year as Trojan's Extended Pleasure and Non-Lubricated models.

District officials suspect the preference for Trojans stems from the aggressive marketing that the company does.  Michael Kharfen, a spokesman for the city's HIV/AIDS administration, said Magnum's shiny gold wrapper is easily recognized by younger users.

"The gold package has a little bit of bling quality," Kharfen told The Washington Post.

The complaints about the free condoms being too snug may be more than just youthful braggadocio. A survey released last March by Condomania, a condom manufacturer, found that Washington had the second-most endowed men in the nation behind New Orleans.

"The men of Washington, D.C. apparently are more than just big talk, big egos, and big promises," the study said. "The Beltway boys claimed a close second place in the biggest average penis size in the nation."


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