May 27, 2010

Honey Hush!!! This woman didn't murder this song, she didn't kill it, but rather she assassinated it with a sniper's bullet.

If you ever needed or wanted a reason to watch BET then let me give you two words that should make you want to watch, 'Leandria Johnson.' Leandria is a contestant on the 2010 edition of Sunday's Best which airs every Sunday at 8 pm EST.

I've been a fan of hers every since she came to the auditions in flip-flops and sock. My pastor has always said, "Come as you are..." and that is exactly what Leandria did in her initial audition. Check it out:

****Side Note****

Elder Goldwire McClendon at 79 years old is giving the young'uns a run for their money in the competition.


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