Jun 21, 2010

Kesha Rogers (please remember the name) is definitely making waves in Texas.  As the surprising winner of the Democratic primary for the Texas 22nd congressional district, she is being called the female Alvin Greene.  But don't let this comparision fool you, unlike Greene, Kesha actually has a platform and although many may not agree with her that hasn't stopped her from standing her ground.
Some of her most controversial political stances have pretty much placed her into political purgatory within her own party.  One of the strongest being her call to impeach the President whom Rogers calls a "London and Wall Street backed puppet"
Rogers is also a member of the LaRouche movement, a movement that was deemed racist and discriminatory byt the state party.  Rogers denies these allegations, but the state party still adopted a resolution that denied her any party support.
This is how Rogers describes herself:

I come from a lower middle class family. My father is a minister and works in construction. My mother worked for Houston ISD for over 20 years. After graduating college in 2001 with a BA in Political Science and Speech Communications from Texas State University, I realized that my generation and those younger had been given no future, and had been maliciously robbed of the knowledge of principles and methods necessary for building one. The standard institutions of higher learning had ironically become the biggest barrier towards students wanting a real classical education. In this context, I joined and became an active leader of the LaRouche Youth Movement over 6 eventful years ago.

My passion is recruiting young people to the profound and inspiring art of political statecraft, through a classical educational curriculum based on reliving the original discoveries of the greatest minds in classical art, music, and science, everything from J.S. Bach's principles of classical musical composition, to the unique discovery of universal gravitation by Johannes Kepler.

To learn more about Kesha Roger please visit her campaign page by clicking here


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