Jun 15, 2010

A photograph dated at around two years old shows the late Jarmecca "Nikki" Whitehead, right, with one of her twin daughters Jasmiyah Whitehead.
*****Editor's Note*****
Some people have asked why am I so fascinated with this story and to be honest with you the answer is really simple: my Mother.  There is no one in this world that I love more than my mother and so for me to see that 'allegedly' two young girls killed their mother in such a vicious fashion is something that I have a hard time wrapping my mind around.  We are talking about sixteen year old girs.  I know I can't be the only person who who is deeply troubled by this situation.  What could possibly motivate two young girls to kill their mother???? 
Via AJC:

Jasmiyah Whitefield's defense strategy began to take shape Monday morning during an unsuccessful bond hearing in Rockdale County Superior Court.

Jasmiyah and 16-year-old twin sister Tasmiyah were arrested May 21 and charged with killing their mother, Jarmecca "Nikki" Whitehead, at her Rockdale home. The girls, who will be tried together but have separate legal representation, deny any involvement in their mother's death.

"Based on what the district attorney has provided to the court, this is a completely circumstantial case," Jasmiyah's attorney, Dwight Thomas, told the AJC. "They are the ones who found her, who flagged a police officer down to report it and they didn't run."

And now it appears the girls have at least one ally within their family: great-grandmother Della Frazier, who they lived with for 1-1/2 years before returning to their mother's home on Jan. 5, eight days before the slaying.

"They were there on a two-week trial basis," Thomas said. "If they didn't like it, they could leave."

According to Thomas, the girls preferred living with their great-grandmother, who testified Monday that her granddaughter Nikki Whitehead was abusing drugs.

"This was a home where alcohol and narcotics were alleged to be abused," Thomas said. "And [Nikki Whitehead] lived with a man who was not their biological father."

Whitehead's boyfriend, Robert Head, told the AJC last week that his late ex-girlfriend had once struggled with drugs.

Several of Whitehead's friends said she was a devoted mother determined to repair the rift with her daughters.

Thomas alleges that someone else came to Whitehead's home and killed her.

"We're going to challenge every aspect of the state's case," said Thomas, whose high-profile client roster includes rapper and actor Clifford "T.I." Harris.

Thomas noted there was a sexual assault at the same residence two years earlier. The perpetrator was never captured, he said.

Following the denial of bond, Jasmiyah was returned to the Gwinnett Youth Detention Center. Sister Tasmiyah, tentatively scheduled for a bond hearing next week, remains at the Rockdale facility. They haven't seen or spoken to each other since their arrests. Neither girl has been indicted by the Rockdale County District Attorney's Office.

Rockdale District Attorney Richard Read told the AJC he is preparing findings to present to a grand jury. Jas and Tas will be tried as adults.


  1. It is shocking in a way. I say in a way because it is not shocking what they did but instead to whom they did it to. I love my mother the most in this world except for God. I could never think of hurting her. But most people have become desensitized to things like this because kids and parents have been killing each other a lot in the past few years. And many have become desensitized to killing period unless it happens to them directly.

  2. this is indeed a grave travesty......like I can't imagine committing such a crime let alone against my mother.

    There is so much going on with our youth today, they seem to grow up having a sense of entitlement and serious anger issues. And without appropriate attention those issues will manifest into something ugly.

  3. Why are they still holding them if they haven't been charged? With the life this woman was living anyone could have done this besides her daughters.

  4. I know Tasmiyah and Jasmiyah very well. Tas is one of my best friends, and this is not like them. Its so sad because of their past history people automatically think that they were these kinds of people. Tas is one of the sweetest girls that I know. She, as well as her sister arent capable of committing this kind of crime. I remeber one time, Tas almost had a heart attack because I was about to step on a caterpillar. A CATERPILLAR! So for people to accuse her of a crime as horendous as killing her mother is absurd to me. These girls arent those kind of people, and I pray and hope that people will understand that. I stand by these girls 100% and it kills me that they are being accused of this. They loved their mother and I truly believe that they are innocent. Tas is my best friend, and I swear if she would have done it she would have told me.. we were just THAT close.. Please keep these girls in your prayers, their birthday was on November 27th and were sent to prison on Monday.. its just sad.

    1. well they admitted killing her~ didn't they?

  5. I had an opportunity in getting to know Jasmeelah and for the record they are not innocent in this They let their emotions get the best of them and made a mistake that they can never turn from. It is true...Jasmeelah (I did not get a chance to know her sister) is a sweet girl but I have also had opportunity to see all her moods, even her grief behind the gravity of what has been done.

    She wants to have a future...a second chance in society and I pray as she grows to forgive herself in this that she and her sister will be blessed with that second chance but first they must be held accountable for a precious life in their lives lost no matter how dysfunctional a relationship they had with their mother.

  6. I know Jas and she's a very very sweet person.... I feel like everybody makes mistakes.... I love Jas and I pray her and her sister da best.... Whether dey did it or not.. Nobody know wat dey been thru... We all on da outside looking in.... Just because everybody feel like dey did it.. I still feel like nobody should judge them... Like who have da rite to judge them besides god....

  7. She was not a mother!!! giving birth does not make you a mother.