Jul 27, 2010

Bill Oreilly Sean Hannity

Fox News may be the undisputed ratings champion in cable news, but not among black viewers.

The New York Times' Brian Stelter tweeted that, according to Nielsen Media Research, Fox News has averaged just 29,000 black viewers in primetime so far this television season (9/09-7/10). That represents just 1.38% of its 2.102 million total viewer audience.

CNN and MSNBC, meanwhile, both have far more black viewers, both in absolute terms and as a proportion of their overall audiences.

MSNBC has averaged 145,000 black viewers, representing 19.3% of its 751,000 total viewer audience.

CNN has averaged 134,000 black viewers, representing 20.7% of its 648,000 total viewer audience.

Stelter noted that he pulled the Nielsen numbers after working on his story in Monday's New York Times on race and cable news.

His piece, "When Race Is the Issue, Misleading Coverage Sets Off an Uproar," examines the recent media firestorm over comments made by USDA official Shirley Sherrod as an example of "warfare" waged by conservative media.



Now, here is your chance.  What would it take to get you to watch Fox News (and no, 'a Miracle' does not count as an answer)?


  1. Faux News would have to feature someone or something that I really wanted to view. If Shirley Sherrod was being interviewed I might watch-maybe. It would depend on who was doing the interview.

    Or they could offer money. Cash is always a incentive to motivate me to do something. Because watching would be a job.

  2. I've probably watched a total of 5 minutes ever of Fox News and that was a online clip of an interview. I think it's shameful how they operate.

    I'm more likely to watch MSNBC, although they have gotten on my nerves from time to time. I keep all of the cable news shows to a minimum.

  3. Hell would have to freeze over. Under the current propaganda messaging of Fox, they would need to stop the the race-baiting, show that they care about the American people's needs and America, as well as provide honest and legitimate journalistic reporting. Blacks see through the lies, fake passion and GOP playbook.

    MSNBC (Olbermann, Maddow and Shultz) are the most credible on mainstream media. Free Speech TV (Hartmann, Goodman, Flanders) are my preferred choice for absolute truth. They go where Olbermann and others cannot.