Jul 29, 2010

These are some of my favorite Iris-isms (Ms. Iris is my mom):
1. If they lie, they'll steal.  If they steal, they'll kill.
2. To be single is a gift because it allows you to learn your likes and dislikes. It enables you to learn more about yourself and to begin to explore who you really are as a person outside of being in a relationship.  Besides, if you can't stand to be alone with yourself how in the world do you expect someone else to want to be with you.
3. Travel.  You need to get over your fear of flying and get your butt on a plane. [Meaning: Travel to places that you can only get to by plane.  If you can drive to it, it doesn't count.]
4. Move away from home.  Home is always going to be here.  [The best thing my mom ever did for me is tell me to move away to another state after college because it allowed me to grow as a person and it made me realize that I could depend on myself.  It made me grow up and stop depending on momma (so much).]
5. Never give up on L-O-V-E.
6. When you go out you are representing your entire family so please don't embarrass us.
7. Know how to balance a checkbook.  Never live above your means.  Do not use credit cards to buy wants.  If you can't pay for those shoes outright with cash then you don't need them.  Cash is your friend and you don't need all those credit cards.  Just say no when they ask you to open up an account at a department store.  Trust me, the discount isn't worth it.
8. Every now and then you're going to do some stupid stuff, just don't get stuck on stupid.
9. Give me my flowers while I live.
10. Buy a HOUSE!
11. Cleanliness really is next to godliness so be god-like and pick up your clothes and clean that bathroom.  How about that?


  1. Momma always knows best. Sounds like all the good ones said the same things!

    Oh, and another one - what's done in the dark, always comes to light. You don't have to worry - it always comes out