Aug 12, 2010

   This composite sketch provided by the Michigan State Police on Friday Aug. 6, 2010 shows a suspect in a string of murders in the Flint area. Investigators say a knife-wielding serial killer has been attacking men on Flint-area streets since May, killing five people and wounding eight others in a vicious spate of violence that may be motivated by racial hatred.

A suspected serial killer wanted in several states was arrested in Atlanta on Wednesday, according to media reports.

Authorities suspect the man of stabbing 20 men in Michigan, Ohio and Virginia since May, killing five and wounding others.

Atlanta police referred all questions to Michigan state police, who were preparing a press briefing.

Law-enforcement officials believe the man is responsible for 16 attacks in Flint, Mich., three in Leesburg, Va., and one in Toledo, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Michigan authorities didn't realize they were dealing with a serial killer until Aug. 4, more than two months after the first suspected attack.

Survivors described a white man who asked for directions or help with a broken-down car, then suddenly pulled a knife, stabbed them and drove off.

Police initially said the victims all were older black males who appeared frail or small. But they now say the youngest Michigan victim was 17, and that two of the 16 men attacked in Michigan were white.



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