Aug 31, 2010

Threats from Carmelo's Twitter feed stir scandal

NBA superstar Carmelo Anthony is back to tweeting after saying his Twitter account was hacked over the weekend.

On Sunday Anthony tweeted, "Im back on! My account was hacked. Thanks twitter for getting me str8. Jst finished my first movie in China now im headed back to the States"

Anthony's claim came after a series of tweets were posted to his account, which seemed to indicate Anthony had a Twitter beef with hip hop socialite Kat Stacks.

Various entertainment sites including MediaTakeOut report that Anthony's alleged tweets came after an inappropriate tweet from Stacks to Anthony "hey @carmeloanthony do you taste like caramel?" The suggestive message prompted a back and forth between Anthony, his wife television personality LaLa Vasquez, and Stacks.

Anthony's alleged response, "I got 5k for whoever see @ihatekatstacks and slap the s**t out her pigeon face a**. Real talk. U f**ked with the right one now."

The next tweet, "When u do it record it and send it to me along with name and address. Real talk" included a picture of what appears to be $5,000 posted to the basketball player's Yfrog account.

Stacks a former stripper is well known in the hip-hop world because she regularly discusses her liaisons with rappers, athletes, and others inside the entertainment industry.Though Anthony's tweets were scrubbed from Twitter the drama may not be over quite yet.

Stacks tweeted last night, "See you in court @CarmeloAnthony"

For Anthony's part he's back to sending out messages and communicating his fans as if the incident never occurred.

It's unclear if Anthony faces any repercussions from the league though the NBA has a social media policy; it's aimed at preventing players from tweeting during games from the bench or sidelines. The individual teams govern any other use of Twitter by players.


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