Aug 5, 2010

Watching sistas like Tamron, Fredicka Whitfield (who appears on CNN), Soledad O'Brien, Suzanne Malveaux makes me proud.  I love to see black people doing well and defying the odds.  Now if only Jacque Reid can get back on television full time...
Via DT Mag:

"People have a love/hate relationship with the media," declares MSNBC's daytime anchor, Tamron Hall. "People will curse the media, but as soon as something goes wrong, they call the media." Considering the 39-year-old beauty has been in the business for two decades, it's a pretty good bet Hall knows what she's talking about.

The daughter of a master sergeant and an educator, Hall grew up in the small Austin suburb called Luling, Texas, amidst a family culture soaked in politics. "We spent every evening watching the news, and politics was hot topic in my house, to say the least," Hall recalled during our interview last week. "We watched the evening news, every single day my mom and dad would start their day with the paper, over coffee. It was just a part of my DNA, if you will, my learning curve as a child." Not in her DNA? The singing gene.

"In my family, we would have these big birthday parties, and there were kids who could sing, or could dance, and I couldn't sing or dance, so I was the MC, so I thought that I would be Johnny Carson." From Carson, Hall's imagination traveled to 60 Minutes, and then, following her dreams, to a local news station in Bryan-College Station, Texas. Hall eventually migrated to Chicago's Fox affiliate, where she worked for ten years before joining MSNBC in 2007.

Hall's star has never been brighter now that she's on MSNBC, and that means she gets an earful about how "liberal" her network has become. "I hate that," she admits without hesitation. "It makes me mad, to be honest with you, because like the day side coverage on MSNBC is balanced; my colleagues are not huddled in a corner saying, 'Okay, this is what we're going to do today to get the message out for the liberals.'" And to prove her point, Hall readily admits that she receives angry emails from both sides of the political divide "who feel that you are not doing justice to their side."  She describes the virtual outcry as a "badge of honor," and proof positive that her reporting falls in the middle.



  1. Eventhough she doesn't look old i thought she was older but she's just 39 yrs old. I like her hairstyle to. Savvy sista did u just refer to Soledad O'brien and Suzanne Malveaux as sistas? I don't think so girl.
    'Suzon Malvoe' is a white woman with a mad tan and don't get me started about Soledad. I'm just playing i like Soledad and her children they are pretty but you are wrong about Ms. Malvoe.

  2. I remember Tamron from her Chicago days. Lester Holt too. It's been great seeing their careers progress. I think the lines are blurred with regard to actual journalism and opinion shows. I'm not sure what it will take for the differences to be undeniable.