Sep 13, 2010

He derided himself as a jerk; she told him he wasn't as bad as his misdeeds. He gave a sarcastic ode to his boorish behavior; she sang of an opportunity to grow from a very public stumble.

Both Kanye West and Taylor Swift took to the stage at the MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday and addressed a matter from last year's VMAs that had refused to die. Their separate but equally emotional performances seemed to finally provide resolution to the incident, while completely overshadowing the show's other moments, including Lady Gaga's eight VMA wins.

This year's Swift-West drama was a sequel to 2009's unscripted debacle in which West interrupted Swift's acceptance speech to proclaim that her trophy should have gone to Beyonce. The incident left Swift with hurt feelings, but West was the one who was seriously damaged from an intense backlash that took both a personal and professional toll.

As this year's VMAs drew closer, the buzz of a possible Swift-West showdown grew daily. Both were nominated for VMA awards (which they lost), both were expected to perform on the show, and each has an album coming out this fall.

West increased the potential of fireworks with a recent rant on Twitter in which he again apologized to Swift and talked about how he had suffered emotionally and economically. Then on Saturday, the AP learned Swift would be singing a song about last year's most talked about moment.

But instead of skewering West in song as Swift has been known to do to others, on Sunday, she offered an olive branch with her song "Innocent," written earlier this year and due to appear on her new album: "Everyone of us has messed up, too ... I hope you remember today is never too late to be brand new."

The 20-year-old's poignant and powerful ode — which was introduced with a video montage that referenced last year's ceremony — sympathized with West's difficult time in the spotlight and his own admissions that his ego has often gotten in his own way.

"Thirty-two and still growing up now; who you are is not what you did," she sang seriously and softly, adding: "You're still an innocent."

West's song, which was preceded by scattered boos from the audience, didn't seem to address last year's incident, but talked about the obnoxious behavior that has too often overshadowed his musical talent.

"I always find something wrong; you've been putting up with my (expletive) for too long," he sang, before launching into an unprintable chorus, which included the line: "Let's have a toast to scumbags."

With all that pathos, no other celebrities from the VMAs could really compete. Still, Lady Gaga tried — as the most outrageously dressed — and that's saying something, giving Katy Perry's barely there outfit and Ke$ha's garbage bag-dress.
***Side Note***
Am I the only person who didn't watch the VMAs?  I mean I had absolutely no interest in watching.  Besides the fact that football was on, I just didn't have any desire to watch.  Maybe it was just me.  Well, if you watched please feel free to share your thoughts on the program here.

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  1. Nope, I didn't watch it either. Football was on. Maybe would have flipped to it if Ron Isley and Lauren Hill were singing "Close to You", but no such luck.