Sep 28, 2010

Mom sentenced to 67 years for killing infant rapist may get reprieve
Laquita Calhoun may have her sentence reduced because of an appeals court saying she was provoked. She was convicted in 2006 of killing her neighbor, Alonzo Jones.

Laquita Calhoun's sentence may be reduced after an appeals judge ruled that her original sentence by Cook County Judge Stanley Sacks failed to properly consider the "undeniably egregious nature of the provocation" that led to the 2004 slaying of Jones.

Instead, the judge said Calhoun deserves a sentence more in line to that of the others sentenced in the case. Katherine Calhoun, her sister, received a 20-year sentence.

Laquita Calhoun, now 29, was bathing her 1-year-old daughter when she noticed signs of sexual abuse and went to confront Jones, 29, who confessed to abusing the girl, Calhoun told police. Another neighbor said Jones had molested one of her children, too, witnesses said.

Jones was then beaten by several people, then tossed screaming into the trunk of a car.

He was also slashed with a broken bottle, kicked by several men and taken to an alley, where Calhoun beat him with a stick until he collapsed, police said.

They even ran over him with a car.

After a jury found Calhoun guilty of murder, Sacks said he had never seen a more "horrendous, vicious crime" and said her vigilantism had cost Calhoun the right to "live among a free society." He sentenced her to 67 years in prison, including the maximum 60 years for murder.

Gloria Burton, the mother of Laquita, took custody of her five children as well as her sister Katherine's three children.



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