Sep 28, 2010

With the spotlight being on the educational system, options about how to best educate children are being explored.  So the Question of the Day is would you ever consider homeschooling your children?  Why or why not?
If you are a parent that is homeschooling, please feel free to share your experiences here.


  1. I'm not a parent but I have some close friends that homeschool their children. In fact one semester I taught them math.

    I'd say that the primary reason parents homeschool is to instill their values and to tailor their children's education to their individual learning styles.

    Because I was around it, I couldn't help but consider the option. In one of my grad classes, I created a guidance counseling program for homeschool families. There are definitely advantages and disadvantages.

    One contention I have is that I'm not so sure that I'm not so sure that the kids are anymore equipped to deal with the "temptations" of this world as a result of being homeschooled. I just don't know of any evidence of that.

    From an academic perspective, I tend to think that these children would probably fare well in any school system because their parents would be involved.

  2. I have a five-year-old in Kindergarten and I have already ordered informational material from several schools in case I decide to home school her after this year. If I don't feel her curriculum is being inclusive as a young black female and that she is being challenged, I will home school her. There are several programs through our county's park and recreation geared towards home schooled children so I'm not too worried about her social interaction like I was about two years ago when I entertained the idea. But to see what young children are exposed to in elementary school, even in the fourth grade at this point,it's moving towards private school or home school.