Sep 7, 2010

Bethany Storro three days after being attacked by a stranger.

Just days after Bethany Storro was viciously attacked by a stranger who threw a cup of acid in her face, a second woman is being treated for acid burns, victim of an eerily similar crime.

Derri Velarde, 41, was walking in the parking lot of an apartment complex in Mesa, Ariz. when a woman suddenly appeared and threw a cup of acid at her.

"I saw...a woman, you know, walking up with what looked like a drink in her hand," Velarde told local television station KPNX-TV. "It immediately just started to burn, I was on fire."

Police are still searching for the woman, who fled the scene after the attack.

Velarde is being treated for second-degree burns to her face and chest, The Associated Press reports.

The incident bears an uncanny resemblance to the attack Storro suffered on Monday in Vancouver, Wash, leading to fears that the first crime launched a copycat.

Storro, 28, was celebrating a new job when a woman walked up to her and asked "Hey pretty girl, do you want to drink this?"

The woman then threw a cup of acid into Storro's face, burning her skin.

"It was the most painful thing ever," Storro said. "My heart stopped. It ripped through my clothing the instant it touched my shirt; I could feel it burning through my second layer of skin."

Storro's attacker is also still on the loose.

Police, however, do not believe Velarde's attack was random, the AP reports.

"You're talking about rage, power and anger as the primary motivators," Brad Garrett, a former FBI Profiler, told ABC News.

"The motivations are about something that a person has done that another does not like. I think if you look at high profile crime, there will be copycats afterwards," he said.

"People use it as a justification to commit an act they have been thinking about."

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  1. I think it's time they put some tougher laws in place to stop regular people from being able to purchase that stuff. It should be illegal to purchase that stuff online. I think that if people have to go into a store where cameras will see their faces then that will cut back on the number acid attacks. These are becoming a quite the trend now.