Sep 29, 2010

Terry McMillan and Jonathan Plummer
Famed author Terry McMillan made a reappearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show yesterday along with her ex-husband, Jonathan Plummer.  McMillan who recently released Getting to Happy, which is the the follow-up to her bestselling book, Waiting to Exhale, appeared to have forgiven her ex.  Here is a snippet of what was said:

Terry said, "I wish I hadn't been so compelled to sue him and his attorney because the anger lingered and it wore me out."

She added, "I thought the more I hated him the more he'd suffer."

On their relationship now, Jonathan says, "Things are great!" while Terry quickly noted, "He's not my BFF." source

A lot of people also questioned why Terry couldn't see that Plummer was gay and here was her response:

In response to one viewer who wrote, "He wasn't down low, he was high low," McMillan answered why she didn't see the signs that her ex-husband was gay:

"Most people in love don't see a lot of things. He was one from another culture so I just thought there were certain things about his manners and things that he could and couldn't do that had a lot to do with him being from Jamaica. And plus he was young, very young."

Terry also said that he loved her and that, "He brushed my hair, massaged me, all kinds of wonderful things."

Have you read Terry McMillan's new book, Getting to Happy?  If so, what did you think?  I've read it, but I would love to know your opinion about it.


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