Oct 4, 2010

This is just one of those things I feel I need to seriously address.  Since the allegations against Bishop Eddie Long have come forth, a lot of people have labeled him gay (i.e. homosexual).  I have a problem with that and here's why.  If these allegations are true then Bishop Long is not a gay man, but rather a hebephile or more correctly an Ephebophile.  Ephebophilia is described as a sexual preference of pubescent and adolescent boys.
Most gay men that I know like other gay men.  The key word being 'men' and not 'boys.'  So many times we wish to slap a label on homosexuals in order to justify our intolerance of them.  Just as the priest in the Catholic Church were caught up in a pedophilia scandal, a lot of us labeled those priest as being gay.  But the truth of the matter is those priests are pedophiles.  There is a difference and we need to understand that difference before we go around mislabeling people.  If these allegations are true, Bishop Eddie Long would be describe as a hebephile who engaged in homosexual acts with pubescent and adolescent boys.  He is not the typical gay man who would engage in sexual acts with other adult gay men.
Debate is still ongoing as to whether or not hebephilia is a psychological disorder (I definitely think it is), but let's not confused what Bishop Eddie Long allegedly did with what regular gay men do.
Please tell me what you think?


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