Oct 7, 2010

Oprah Revisits 'Down Low' Once Again
I know plenty of black men whose going to be angry about this.  This is one of the examples a lot of my male friends use to explain why they think Oprah hates black men.  The show is set to air today so I can only imagine the types of calls I am going to get.  If you don't recall who J.L. King is, you may recall his book, 'On the Down Low.'  In the book, King tells about his life as a married man who engages in homosexual activities outside of his marriage.  At the time, King insisted that didn't make him gay <<double, triple side eye>>.
Here are excerpts from the interview:

J.L. King: A lot has happened in my life over the past six years. The first thing is I have accepted the fact that I am a black gay proud man. (Applause.) And the fear -- the fear is what kept me on the down low. The fear of losing my family. The fear of losing my children ...The fear of hurting my parents. The fear of losing my relationships with cousins and extended family and the church.

OPRAH: So were you lying to me then? When you said, you know, 'I am not a gay man, I don't define myself, it's not, you know, orientation and all that.' Were you lying to me or were you just in denial?

J.K.: I think I was a little bit of both. Denial, first because I didn't know that much about the gay culture. I didn't know that you could still be a father. That you still can have –

OPRAH: You didn't know there were gay fathers?

J.K.: I knew there were gay fathers but where I grew up at in the churches I attended I would hear every Sunday that God don't love you. That you are less than a man. That if you're gay, you're a pedophile. You know, I did not want to have that type of label on my life. I didn't want to hurt my family. And more importantly, I didn't want to face my ex-wife.

OPRAH: But did you think you were living a lie? source

Will you be watching?  Are you interested in what King has to say about living on the Down Low?

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  1. That is just awful!!
    I feel very sad for his wife and family.
    L for loser L for liar!