Oct 18, 2010

Well, if you let Erykah Badu tell it, it definitely has.  Badu took to her Twitter account on October 13th  to vocalize her frustrations with today's black music scene.  As always with Badu, she's going to tell you the truth whether you like it or not. 
Essence paraphrased what she wrote in her tweets:
How y'all gone stand by and let our music turn into pop techno cornball a** music?" she tweeted. "I like the idea of no distinction in race when it comes 2 music, but SOULkeepers, U dont give up the boom bip and the hump 4 the payday."
Like her music, Badu isn't afraid to stir up a little controversy, even if it does pit her against fellow artists. "Where is the funk AT?" she cried out after listening to a hip hop and R&B station. "They played 6 in a row today; pop techno songs back to back...These rappers ought to be shame of they damn selves, I'm talkin bout the mc' s rappin over this pop techno music."
Badu went on to say that she understands that artists have to eat and that she doesn't want to offend young people because today's music is the music of their generation, but she has a taste for something different.  I can completely relate to her.  I don't know how many times I've wailed on today's music industry being just a shell of its former self.  You no longer have artists anymore.  You have nothing but a bunch of contrived corporate mimes passing themselves off as musical artists.  Yeah the artists are making a lot more money, but at what cost?  You don't have classic albums or songs being made anymore.  Why do you think people still crave a Lauryn Hill album and chick hasn't came out with anything new in over a decade?  People are tired of the cotton candy fluff that is passing off as music these days.  Where are the anthems?  Where are the songs that motivate people and made them want to get involved in something?  When are we going to get another song like Man in the Mirror, What's Going On, Wake Up Everybody, Makes Me Wanna Holler, The Message, or Imagine?  Can you think of any mainstream artists today that could actually come close to making songs like these?  I'll wait for your answer...


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  1. Yes dear soul is dead and stankin....ok maybe soul is in a deep coma and some good young doctors will find a cure.. It really ain rocket science you just build on what's already there..I sure hope they got cure for cuz I want it!