Oct 28, 2010

I voted today.  As a Pennsylvania resident temporarily relocated to Washington D.C., I had to fill out an absentee ballot.  I am proud to say that I overnighted my ballot today (since it has to be at the election office by 5pm tomorrow).  Since I voted absentee, I was unable to Take a Buddy to the Polls with me, but I don't want that to stop you from taking a buddy to the polls with you.  If you know of a friend or family member who is registered to vote make sure you take them to the polls with you when you go to vote.  The media and pollsters are counting on us not to participate so it's imperative that we prove them wrong.
Just remember that voting is only the beginning of your civic duty as a citizen of this country.  You must remain active and vigilant.  It is imperative that you read the Constitution for yourself and make sure your children read it as well.  Knowledge is the only way one can counter ignorance.  We have to arm ourselves with facts and then start our own 527's and Political Action Committees (PAC's).  We have to get in the game if we ever expect to win it.
Please join us this Sunday on Savvy Talk Radio at 6PM EST as we continue our discussion about the importance of African American turn out during the midterm elections with the show titled, Black In America: To Vote or Not To Vote Part II.


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