Oct 25, 2010

LeBron James took to Twitter to introduce his new commercial 'Rise' which pretty much aims to revamp the star's tarnish image after 'The Decision.'

I actually find the commercial to be quite clever with the subtle dig at Charles Barkley, who happened to be one of LeBron's staunchest critics, as well as the us of Dr. Maya Angelou's iconic poem 'Still I Rise.' Even the cameo from Miami Vice's Crockett aka Don Johnson was a nice touch.

But at the end of the day I really don't think this commercial will do anything to change people's mind about LeBron. Those that hate him will continue to hate him as well as those that love him will continue to love him. The only thing that can change LeBron's image is if he goes out and win a championship. Everybody loves a champion just ask Kobe.


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