Oct 18, 2010

Will Smith's mini me has just come out with the official video for her new single 'Whip My Hair.' The video directed by acclaim director Ray Kay was shot last month.

It's definitely a cute and age appropriate (IMO) video. Work it out Miss Willow. F.Y.I. just be careful doing that dutty wine...

Make sure you peep ol' girl Leyomi making a cameo towards the end in the white. She's the one hitting the shablam at the end. You know I'm a fan of gay men so of course I would know something about the ballroom scene. What diva doesn't...LOL!!!!

Peep the Sesame Street version of 'Whip My Hair' below

This is so cute that I can't take it. It just brings a smile to your face.


  1. Yasssssssss! This song and video are hot! The fashion is EVERYTHING.

  2. Love Willow and her cute eyes! Kid sure has talent i must admit so as they say "Rihanna beware" LOL.