Oct 21, 2010

I'm not mad at singer/actress Simone for going on the defensive when it comes to her legendary mother, Nina Simone.  If placed in the same situation I'm pretty sure I would've came out swinging too. 
Mary J. Blige, who is slated to play Nina Simone in an upcoming biopic, made the statement that Nina was a 'drug addict' and let's just say the claim didn't go over very well with the late singer's daughter.  Here is what she had to say to Eurweb.com about the situation:
The conversation took a turn in a different direction when we asked Simone her opinion of recent statements made by Mary J. in which she is quoted as saying the late legendary Nina Simone was a "drug addict" when asked what she and the late entertainer/activist had in common.

"Yes I was sitting here praying as you said that because I was saying 'I hope the right thing would come out my mouth'," she joked. "All I can say is if you're going to do a movie about a great public figure I think it behooves you as a person who has decided this is what they want to do, to do their due research so that you can embody the character and bring the most that you can of their personality to the screen. After having read Mary J. Blige's comments (yesterday) that just kind of capped off (in my mind) that I don't think that's been done.""That's very disappointing and disconcerting for me because now information is being put out that is not true. My mother was not a drug addict," she continued. "She was many things but a drug addict is not one of them. That's the best way that I can put it right now. I'm attempting to reach out to her so that maybe through us sitting down and talking she can get a better idea of who my mother was, what made her tick and why she did the things that she did. I don't know who she's been talking to or whose been talking to her, but obviously we need to get together."

"My mother was very complex," admitted Simone. "She's been dead now … this coming April, 2011 will be eight years. Since my mother passed away what was left of the rose colored glasses of my childhood died with her. As the administrator of her estate, a mother, business woman and entertainer I'm walking very closely in her footsteps. In the last eight years I'd like to think that I've gained a much deeper understanding of her. She was mommy all my life where as now she's Nina: the woman, the person, the human being. And it's really helped me heal these past eight years."

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  1. Mary J. Blige (MJB) has opened up on her drug and alcohol dependency to mask her insecurities, in a recent interview. She says she used it because she thought she was ugly. MJB admits she was insecure about the way she looked and used drugs and alcohol to get through her pain. Blige also claimed she suffered physical beatings from former boyfriend, singer K-Ci Hailey.